How to Change the Battery in a Cadillac Key Fob

Have trouble getting your Cadillac key fob to lock and unlock your vehicle? If you notice that it only works when you are very close to the vehicle, you may just need a Cadillac key fob battery replacement. Fortunately, it is quite easy to swap out the key fob battery and can be done at home! Find out how to change the battery in a Cadillac key fob in the following guide from the service team at Cadillac Of Beverly Hills.

How to Open a Cadillac Key Fob

Are you ready for a Cadillac key fob battery replacement, but are unsure as to how to open your Cadillac key fob? Just follow these steps:

  1. There is a small release button located on the side of the Cadillac key fob. Press it to release the emergency key blade.
  2. Once you take the key blade out, you'll see a narrow groove on the key fob that is roughly the size of the tip of the key blade. Gently wedge the key blade or a flathead screwdriver into the groove, applying light pressure to separate the two parts of the key fob.

Steps to Replace the Key Fob Battery: Model Years 2014+

The newest type of Cadillac key fob was released with the 2020 CT5 sedan and is still being used for current Cadillac vehicles. The fob may look different from older models, but the way in which you open up it and replace the battery will be the same for model years 2014 to the present. Once you've completed the steps above on how to open a Cadillac key fob, the following steps will guide you through how to replace the key fob battery:

  1. After opening the key fob, you'll see that one side of the casing holds the circuit board, while the other side holds the battery.
  2. Remove the old battery and place it aside so you can dispose of it properly later on. Replace it with a new CR2032 battery with the positive side facing down.
  3. Once you've replaced the battery, but the two sides of the key fob back together and return the key blade to its original position.
  4. It's a good idea to test the key fob from afar and within close proximity to ensure it's working properly.

Wondering where to purchase a CR2032 battery? They are widely available at most Santa Monica-area hardware stores, auto supply stores, and online.

Is Your Key Fob Still Malfunctioning?

If you have replaced the battery in your Cadillac key fob and it still doesn't work properly, check to see that the new battery is seated in the proper position. If after confirming that the battery is positioned correctly but the fob continues to malfunction, you may need to replace the key fob altogether. The experts in the Service Center at Cadillac Of Beverly Hills can test your key fob and determine if you need a replacement. If so, you can get a brand new fob directly from our Parts Center that will work seamlessly with your specific Cadillac model.

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