2024 Cadillac XT4 Towing Capacity

February 19th, 2024 by

2024 Cadillac XT4

Experience the might of the 2024 Cadillac XT4, now available at Cadillac Of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills. Despite its compact stature, this vehicle boasts remarkable towing capabilities, making it a standout in its class. Wondering about the Cadillac XT4 towing capacity? Prepare to be impressed – it can haul up to 3,500 pounds effortlessly. Discover more about the Cadillac XT4 towing package at Cadillac Of Beverly Hills, conveniently located near Santa Monica.

How Much Can a Cadillac XT4 Tow?

Equipped with the Cadillac XT4 towing package, you can harness the full might of the Cadillac XT4’s 3,500-pound towing capacity across Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills. This remarkable feat is not just attributed to the towing package alone; the Cadillac XT4’s robust engine plays a significant role:

2024 Cadillac XT4 Engine Specs

  • 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder engine
  • 235 hp 
  • 258 lb-ft of torque 
  • 9-speed automatic transmission

While front-wheel drive comes standard, you have the option to upgrade to all-wheel drive for enhanced traction, especially beneficial when towing in adverse weather conditions.

What Can a Cadillac XT4 Tow?

Now that you know how much can a Cadillac XT4 can tow, let’s delve into what this translates to in real-world scenarios so you can tell what can a Cadillac XT4 tow:

  • A small pop-up camper trailer
  • An aluminum or fiberglass fishing boat
  • A utility trailer 
  • A jet ski 
  • A motorcycle or ATV
  • A snowmobile 

Additionally, with ample cargo space, the Cadillac XT4 can accommodate any extra equipment you may need for your journey, boasting up to 48.9 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded down.

What’s Included in the Cadillac XT4 Towing Package?

To safely tow up to 3,500 pounds, the Cadillac XT4 towing package comes equipped with essential features:

  • A 2-inch trailer hitch receiver
  • Hitch cover and wiring harness
  • Heavy-duty cooling system

Learn More About the 2024 Cadillac XT4 at Cadillac Of Beverly Hills!

If your towing needs exceed 3,500 pounds in Woodland Hills, consider exploring larger Cadillacs within our new vehicle lineup, such as the Cadillac XT6 or the full-size Escalade. For further assistance in your Cadillac journey, our knowledgeable associates are always available to assist you. You can get started on the car buying experience by applying for financing online, or taking a look at our new vehicle specials.

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